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AmaranTime is a WaveShooter that challenges players to survive using their skills, wits, and their control over time.

This is very much like Space Pirate Trainer, but it has it's own features that makes it a bit more fun and interactive, like the Run In Place mechanic so that players can move beyond their play space.

This game is in it's very early stages, and right now I'm looking for feedback on the mechanics in the game, along with suggestions on what direction I should take this game to.

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11/12/2016 (AmaranTime-v8.zip) -

    • Upgraded Unity to Version 5.4
    • Upgraded SteamVR plugin to Version 1.1.1
    • Added Player Shot Feedback: The screen will flash red when you are hit by the enemy
    • Added Haptic Feedback: The controller will vibrate when it collides with the gun!

10/31/2016 (AmaranTime-v7.zip) -

    • Added Shot feedback. Now you will know when you hit the enemy!
    • Enemies now have a Spawn sound, and all don't pop up at once
    • Added a Scoreboard to track your score
    • Updated the Enemy Model. Everything is shiny!
    • Enemies now explode when they die

10/10/2016 (AmaranTime-v6.zip) - The run direction is now determined by the direction the body is facing. You can now look around while you run! I have also added a table to place the gun at the start of the game.

9/29/2016 (AmaranTime-v5.zip) - The gun is now 'click grip to equip'. Should make running a bit easier now!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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